Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Exploring Symmetry

We have had fun creating symmetrical patterns and then using I Can Animate and iMovie to create these videos.  
Some groups even created their own background music on Garage Band! 
The first movie is by Aiden, Judd and Griffin.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Strike Performance

Strike came to perform for us. If you didn't know Strike is a group of people that play  percussion instruments. Percussion has instruments like drums and logs that you hit. 

Strike performed lots of different songs and acts for us. They even made Mr Murphy (Also known as Super Man) and Mrs Hughes ( Also know as Wonder Woman) do a play off. They played a Snare drum and a Cymbal ( Also known as top hat) each. They had to keep the beat. Then they did their a solo. Then Strike made the school choose who did the best solo and the winner was... Wonder Woman (Mrs Hughes). 

My favourite song was the rain forest song. The instruments played in that song was the violin, drums and the marimba. It had a really nice beat to it with the violin and marimba. It was different to the other beats because it had a soft and sweet rhythm to it. 

After a while they asked a couple people to come up and they had to play on the logs (They are like drums) They did such a great job, it was amazingly awesome. It was like they had already been taught it. At the end Isaac said thank you so much for coming. He said it in such a nice way. 

I hope they come again next year! 

Thank you for coming Strike!

By Summer

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Our Citizenship Banner

As part of our Citizenship Inquiry Learning we planned 
and created this banner as a team.

Why do you think we chose some of these visual images to represent the Kauri Team?
Do some of these images represent you too?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Room 3 presents 'Room on our Rock'

Room 3 worked with Mrs G to presentation a retell of this book, and shared key messages about Bullying-Free NZ Week 2108 in School Assembly last week.

Unfortunately the video of the retell was too big to post on our blog but here are a few photos taken from the video.

Room 3 were wonderful actors and presented their ideas confidently.

There is also a wonderful interactive story you can click on to further explore the ideas we learned about.

O for Awesome Orienteering

On Friday, 22 Kauri Team members went to the Manawatu Schools Orienteering Champs. It was a great morning and all the competitors worked extremely hard to navigate their way around the Esplanade course. 

A special thanks to Mr Paterson for training the team to achieve such great results. 

Clear and check, ready to race!

Special congratulations to; Sara - 1st, Milan & Elleanor - 3rd and Tom & Jon D - 2nd, James & Aiden - 3rd. They helped us retain the cup for first primary school!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A driver and a navigator

We are using a technique to help us develop our communication and digital skills. 

We are learning to use some new digital tools like EDPuzzle, Scratch and Explain Everything.
When we do this we work in a pair. One person is the Driver (controlling the technology) and the other is the Navigator (sharing knowledge, ideas, problem solving tips, asking questions etc ...)

After a while we change roles. 

After a little more time we swap partners. 

Then the real learning begins!

 We used De Bono's Hat Thinking to evaluate this new technique.

Some of us really enjoyed the opportunity to share and grow our knowledge together.

Others found it frustrating not being able to touch the device, especially when we knew what to do!

We realised that we had a lot to learn about being a good communicator!

Our Ideas Come to Life

Exploring Symmetry

We have had fun creating symmetrical patterns and then using I Can Animate and iMovie to create these videos.   Some groups even created th...