Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A driver and a navigator

We are using a technique to help us develop our communication and digital skills. 

We are learning to use some new digital tools like EDPuzzle, Scratch and Explain Everything.
When we do this we work in a pair. One person is the Driver (controlling the technology) and the other is the Navigator (sharing knowledge, ideas, problem solving tips, asking questions etc ...)

After a while we change roles. 

After a little more time we swap partners. 

Then the real learning begins!

 We used De Bono's Hat Thinking to evaluate this new technique.

Some of us really enjoyed the opportunity to share and grow our knowledge together.

Others found it frustrating not being able to touch the device, especially when we knew what to do!

We realised that we had a lot to learn about being a good communicator!

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